Trademark application in Vietnam

How to file a trademark in Vietnam? Are you intending to file a trademark application in Vietnam? Are you looking for a trademark attorney in Vietnam to protect your trademark? How is trademark application’s procedure in Vietnam?

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  1. Trademark search in Vietnam

Searching trademark is to search the NOIP’s trademark database to see if there are any registrations or applications similar to your mark in the same classes of goods/services or relating classes of goods/services. It is not compulsory to conduct trademark search before official filing the trademark application into NOIP. However, according to our experience, it is highly recommended that you should do so since this will saved your time and money.

  1. Filing a trademark application in Vietnam
Stages Time Frame Content of examination
Formality examination         1 month from the filing date (if all required document are submitted) or from the date of supplementation of all documents. Examination of formality of trademark application
Publication of trademark                               application 02 months counted from the date of acceptance of patent application Publishing trademark application in IP Gazett
Substantive examination  09 months from the publication date of required date Examination of criteria of protection of patent application.
Grant 01 month   
  1. Required Documents for filing a trademarks application in Vietnam

 – The sample of trademark

– POA (Power of attorney)

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